Migrating South For The Winter

Migrating south for the winter isn’t just for the birds. Many of our northern friends migrate to Florida for the cold winter months.

We here in Destin Florida think that 60 degrees is incredibly cold but for our “Yankee” friends that is like a day in the sauna.

What better way to escaped the icy roads and frigid snow than to come down to Florida for the winter? Although our sand may look like snow, looks can be deceiving in a good way. Those who are used to temperatures in the low teens will truly enjoy walking barefoot on our sugar white beaches. Why build a snowman when you can build a sand castle?

Sea Oats Motel and Management Company has several places for you to stay here in Destin where our sand resembles the snow from the north with the temperatures of the tropics (at least for people used to frigid weather).

We have miles of beautiful beaches for you to make snow angels in the sand. We invite you to take the polar bear plunge in our beautiful emerald green water and enjoy all of the amenities our normal southern guests only take advantage of in the warmest of spring and summer months.

Come on down to Destin and poke fun at us Southerners in our arctic gear in weather that you would consider mild on the temperature scale. The food is great no matter what the season and the seafood is always fresh year round.

There are many winter festivals to enjoy and family fun is just a stones throw away at many of our attractions that stay open year round.

Contact Sea Oats Motel and Management Company and stay at any of our luxurious locations throughout Destin. We not only have Sea Oats Motel, the last motel on the beach in Destin, but we have several condominiums and rental homes for you to stay in.

We look forward to seeing you and your family this winter season.