Challenge yourself in Destin!

Nature’s Gym

Going on vacation is often a dream come true.

It can be healthy, mentally, to break away from the routines and the day-to-day grind to come relax at the beach.

Unfortunately, sometimes breaking away from the routines can cost you, especially in the fitness department. We’ve heard people say “I’ll get back on it when I get back home” or “I only have a few days here, I don’t want to spend it in the gym and miss out”.

Why not have the best of both worlds and incorporate a little work out while you’re out playing?

Take advantage of what the beach can offer and keep your fitness level up. If you don’t have a workout regiment, now could be a good time to ease yourself into it

By using the beach as your gym you can get several benefits you might not traditionally get elsewhere! For instance, the scenery can work as motivation to get you to go the extra distance. It’s hard to be bored when you’re captivated by beauty. The sand additionally acts as a cushion on your joints, minimizing the damage more so than if you were to walk/run on concrete while providing extra resistance, helping to burn more calories.

Speaking of burning calories, the weather can also be used to your advantage while you’re trying to better yourself. The sun can help you break a healthy sweat which burns even more calories while the cool sea breeze keeps you comfortable enough to want to keep going.

Maybe you’re down here with friends and family and can’t get away by yourself for a workout or the group isn’t down with an idea of a run or the intense exertion they might deem as boring. If that’s the case then disguise it as having a good time.

Beach sports can be a perfect combination of getting your fitness in while having a blast as a group. Volleyball, Frisbeee, Paddleball, these are just a few ideas on how you can make sure you don’t pack on that extra vacation weight while still making memories.

Just like with everything in life though, with the good comes the bad. Working out on the beach does have its risks that you need to account for.

Having a little sun is good, too much is bad for you. Make sure your skin is adequately protected to avoid sunburns. Nothing can kill a good time more than a bad sunburn.

The heat, while encourage sweating will also bring on dehydration if you aren’t prepared. Combat this with water, as sodas and alcohol may make you dehydrate faster. Pro-tip: Add lemon to your water for extra Vitamin C and the lemon will also work as a diuretic.

The sand, while minimizing impact, isn’t the most stable of surfaces. Ease into your workouts and watch your step to avoid any twists or sprains.

Exercise caution and imagination and you should be able to safely work up a sweat with numerous activities on the beach.

The best part about working out on the beach? Your room at Sea Oats is just a few steps away. As soon as your work out/play time is done you can take the few steps to your room and be showered and ready to explore (or relax) in a matter of minutes.

Sea Oats is the last of its kind beachfront motel with an award winning staff able to handle any requests you may have. Located on Scenic Hwy 98 just steps away from the magical beaches you love, we also have the luxury of being around the corner from almost any activity you can think of while not being knee deep in the crowds.

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