Need A Break?

Has the pace of life been wearing on you? Can you feel it in your bones?

Maybe it’s time to make a plan for a much needed change. Take a week or two away and focus on preserving your energy and sanity!

We’ve heard a lot of reasons on why a vacation doesn’t seem feasible for the time. Scheduling, work, other commitments and more commonly, money.

Truth be told a vacation is an investment and to some may be seen as an unnecessary expense. However the benefits you will gain from time away could potentially save you in the long run!

The Sea Oats Motel in Destin is a reasonably priced yet quaint and comfortably luxurious. No price gouging, trying to get every penny.

cc404Our units are a perfect mix of comfort and convenience. We offer some of the best and most sought after beachfront locations.

You could spend double or triple what we charge to stay on the beaches of Destin and surrounding communities if you wish to do so. However, if you wish to preserve that little bit of cash for dining out at fine area restaurants and enjoying area attractions without feeling pinched beyond your comfort zone then here is where you should visit.

Enjoy relaxing on the beach without having to drive all over the panhandle. Enjoy being close to the best there is to be had in shopping.  

cc408Bring the family or a group of friends and share a beach house. Imagine the fun dinner parties and nights of laughter spent with people you enjoy being with. Not only will that add to the fun but it may lessen the blow to your wallet!

Make the call that will be change your state of mind for the better.  

The Sea Oats Motel is the last of its kind beachfront motel, call us today at 833-803-3320.