Parasailing in Destin

Never be Bored in Destin!

Have you heard your kids say ā€œI’m bored?”

Well, you won’t in Destin at The Sea Oats Motel!Ā  We donā€™t think you will, because boredom is not a problem in Destin.

The beach, the ocean, the swimming pool are enough to keep the kids from gettingĀ bored!

That in itself is enough of a reason to plan your next vacation here and book it now!

We start getting really busy this time of year with spring break!Ā  You want to Ā make sure you get it together now and come on down to Destin!

Young kidsĀ are satisfied playing in the sand and the water… all the time!

The older teens may want to get a little more adventurous and try parasailing. Ā At their age adventure is important! Ā Let them try it and see how much they love it.

If you don’t want to try parasailing, perhaps renting a waverunner is in order. Waverunners are fun and can entertain for hours!

The entire family can hang out on a Dolphin Cruise or take a bicycle tour of the trails of Henderson State Park.

Lots of new peopleĀ around Destin too if anyone isĀ looking for someone their own age to play beach volleyball with. Ā Thatā€™s always fun to make new friends from other parts of the world!

Call Ā The Sea Oats Motel at 833-803-3320.

photo credit: Parasailing over the Water of the Riviera Maya via photopin (license)