New Year Traditions

Join the Sea Oats family and Destin, Florida for some exciting New Years entertainment.

 There will be various events all through Destin and surrounding cities. Watch the fireworks on the Harbor or directly from your room. The choices are endless but you will not regret welcoming the New Year on the gorgeous Emerald Coast.

New Years traditions have been around for centuries and New Years is said to be the most popular celebration in our great Nation. That’s not surprising of course because we all love to have fun, celebrate, party and just have some good times and laughs. We go all out with parades, champagne, fancy dresses and red lipstick. It’s no wonder we love New Years so much.

New Years signifies a fresh start or a new beginning.

You are flipping those last 12 calendar months aside and accepting the unknown and perhaps getting to start over, make a fresh start.

One of the traditions tied to New Years is creating a New Years resolution. It’s interesting to know that this modern tradition is said to be dated back to the Babylonians. Now, people all over the world gather and celebrate the New Year and make resolutions for themselves and the New Year.

Fireworks and more Fireworks!

This is the best part of all the celebrations. Fireworks are loud, bright, colorful, beautiful and when you see them you know it’s for something special. Believe it or not Fireworks or “noise making” is dated back to ancient times, so it’s not new but it has come along way with technology. The traditions still stand strong even after hundreds of thousands of years. The ancient times had strong beliefs that fire would rid the evil and bring lots of good luck.

No matter how strange some traditions may be we welcome them with open optimism.

Call Sea Oats Motel & Management Co. today and book your reservations with us. We offer accommodations located directly on the beach so you will be able to see the fireworks right from your balcony. Sea Oats is a well known for it’s motel which is the ONLY motel in Destin located directly on the beach. Come stay with us this New Years!