On To Adventure!

People the world over come to see the beauty of the Emerald Coast.

We’ve always been known for beautiful, tropical settings as well as a vibrant ecosystem of marine life. What about other animals though? Well, there’s a place for you to goĀ to see other species that you usually wouldn’t find on your beach vacation and that’s the Gulf Breeze Zoo. jmars

From Destin, a short drive westĀ on Highway 98 and you’llĀ find the Gulf Breeze Zoo.

Zoo50 acres of wild adventureĀ for the whole family nestled right on the beach!Ā They have kangaroos, rhinos, giraffes, lions and tigers, gorillas and chimps. Hands on animal encounters are a great way to get up close and learn aboutĀ some of your favorite zoo animals whether they have fur, scales or feathers.

On the boardwalk, you can watch roaming herds of antelope, deer, zebra, and rhino. Also enjoy a great view of the chimps and gorillas on their island habitats. Watch rhinoceros, deer, antelope, and zebras roam free on the 30 acre preserve. From the train you will get a close-up view of chimpanzees, gorillas, and the huge Nile hippos. Meet a zookeeper and listen as they tell stories and provide information about the animals they care for. Walk into our special free flight aviary and let the adventure begin! You can feed these gentle, colorful birds as they perch on you.

The zoo is open year round. For hours of operation and ticketprices you can visit the zoo’s website. The animals look forward to seeing you and so do we.


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Gulf Breeze Zoo