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Other Side Of Summer

Here we are in the middle of a beautiful summer in Destin at The Sea Oats Motel.

Welcome to all of our guests! We’re a little busy here but you’ll find that you’ll love it here!

beach-pailWe know you will find plenty of activities and fun in Destin to keep your family busy.

There really is something for everyone here. We don’t hear too many complaints about that.

If you have children and visiting us here in Destin, you will find that the wee ones love to stay busy playing on the beach in the sand and splashing in the waves.

What if you have more than one child and they aren’t the same age? That can be a little challenging as you try to find things to do that the whole family will enjoy. Teenagers may not enjoy the same activities as toddlers so here again you are challenged to find ways to keep everyone busy.

Destin CommonsMost teens enjoy the beach. They may complain of boredom if they hang around family all the time. One of the most common traits of a teenager is the desire to be with friends and others their own age. At that age, you may experience the “I don’t want to hang out with my family” complaint.

We have all been there at one time or another in our lives. For the most part, Destin is a safe place for your teen to “hang out”. Maybe you could give them a little freedom. How about a little spending money and a few hours at Destin Commons without the rest of the family? Teen girls love to shop for cute clothes and guys love to look for cute girls. Everyone comes out a winner here!

The important thing is to enjoy your time together as a family as often as you can!

The Sea Oats Motel is a great place for the whole family to enjoy. Call us today for more information on rates and availability at 833-803-3320.