Overwhelmed With Options

Destin has the title of “Luckiest Fishing Village on Earth”.

We couldn’t agree more, we definitely are the luckiest on Earth to have this kind of scenery, these kinds of activities available to us. We aren’t really a little village anymore though. The secret is out on everything to see and do here and each year that passes has more and more people trying to get in on the action of our American Paradise.

Each month we’re seeing more and more people and it’s starting to matter less and less to people which month they come. There’s something for everyone regardless of when you come.

Summer and spring will always be the reigning champs on when we get the bulk of our visitors though!

First time to Destin? Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran of the scene here and just want a refresher course on what’s going on before you immerse yourself in the experience again!

First and foremost what comes to mind when people see or hear about this area is the beaches. Pristine, sugary white sands to contrast with the sparkling, emerald waters. The beauty is shown on TV, in movies, postcards, magazines, social media and any other way the word can be put out.

Making it to the beach earlier rather than later is definitely ideal. Everybody wants to partake in the sandy scene, even locals. Getting there earlier helps you beat the crowds and claim a more ideal spot. We know that getting up early while you aren’t on vacation isn’t the most fun thing so we can help you squeeze in those few extra minutes of sleep by helping you get hooked up with everything from umbrellas and chairs to access to water sports (skiing, para-sailing, hoverboards, jetskis, paddleboards, etc.)

Not only will you be beating the crowds by showing up early but it’ll leave time in your day to explore the area.

Don’t focus on just the beach while you’re here. Grab a little sun and then head on over to the Destin Commons to grab yourself a little bite to eat. Anything from exotic to a little more classic continental cuisine can be found here. If you have to wait for a seat it’s okay, there are more than enough activities here to keep you entertained while you wait. Watch the kids play on the splash pad or ride the train that goes right through the Commons. You can peruse the amazing shops that sell the cutest knick-knacks, the most popular designer clothes, or even some top of the line sporting gear. There’s plenty to keep you distracted until you can get some food in your stomach.

After dinner, be healthy and aid the digestion process by taking a stroll on the protected shorelines of Henderson State Park. Here you can sometimes see dolphins at play in the water or you can watch the native birds (get lucky and you can find a Bald Eagle) while taking the nature trails through the pine trees. It’s a great time to just take a moment and really enjoy the landscape especially if you treat yourself to the majestic sunset!

Even though the sun is going down it doesn’t mean your options are becoming limited on what to do. Quite the contrary! Take the family (or your special someone) down to Baytowne Wharf for some fresh seafood, BBQ or pizza. If you don’t want a whole meal then treat yourself to some homemade ice cream, a sno-cone or even just some candy.

If you want to make sure everyone is worn out from the day then unleash them on the Adventure Zone. Ziplines, rope courses, Eurobungy, pirate playgrounds and more will keep the smiles coming until it’s time to end the day.

Once the day is done, there’s no better way to end it than back at the comfortable luxury of your room at Sea Oats. From there you can watch the stars twinkle in the night sky while you enjoy a drink just steps from the beach at a last of its kind beachfront motel.

As you can tell, this entire area is full of adventure and splendor! You just have to know where to look at that’s where the friendly staff at Sea Oats comes in. Let us help you and you’ll see why our visitors come back to us year after year.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 833-803-3320