Party Central In Destin

We all want to party like it’s 1999 — or maybe 2099

At Sea Oats Motel and Beach Rentals in Destin, we want to encourage our guests to have a safe holiday as well.

Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you plan your big night out in Destin this New Year’s Eve. We can suggest great parties – as well as back-up plans in case you have just a bit too much…fun.

We also wanted to share some great safety tips for travelers this New Year’s Eve.

Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve:

Following a few simple planning tips could prevent a tragedy:

  • Keep the phone numbers of local cab companies or ride-share services, just in case.
  • Watch your alcohol intake and consider non-alcoholic alternatives.
  • If you drink, don’t drive.
  • Plan for and designate a sober driver before the celebration starts.
  • If you are impaired, call a taxi, use mass transit or call a sober friend or family member to pick you up. Call the hotel staff if you need information on finding a ride.
  • Or, stay where you are until you are sober.
  • Take the keys from someone if they are too impaired to drive.

We all want to have a blast bidding farewell to 2019. But, let’s all remember to play it safe so we can ring in – and enjoy – 2018 as well!


Call us today to book your stay or for more ideas on celebrating and staying safe in Destin.