Pay It Forward

We’ve all heard the saying before that it is better to give than receive.

Anyone that has given selflessly has most likely noticed that positive things come their way in return.

Give it a try but be careful, it can become addicting!

Give time to a volunteer organization, give money to a charity, give affection to loved ones and attention to the lonely.

Maybe you’re about to be on your way out the door to start your Memorial Day vacation and you’re thinking “that sounds good, I’ll give it a whirl when we get back”. You don’t have to wait to start giving back!

ChurchillQuoteSmile and greet a stranger, hold a door for someone, compliment somebody on something, tip your bartender/server/cab driver a little something extra. You never know what struggle someone is going through and that little extra attention or bit of money could lift their spirits and restore their faith in humanity and get them in on the movement of paying it forward.

Donate beach toys, floats and other beach items to a local thrift store on your way home. That one works out for you as well because that’s less stuff for you to carry home and you could help a family enjoy some stuff they might never get if they had to pay for it new.

Let someone else in front of you in line at the grocery or if the person behind you only has a couple things, offer to pay for them. Let someone have the parking space you were going for or let someone merge into your lane. Believe it or not, it can make you and the person you gave to feel better for the whole day!

Kindness is contagious and if everyone took this advice to heart we could really change the world for the better. Don’t we need a little bit of that in today’s age? Be the change.

MemorialWhile you ponder how you can change the world for the better, come down to Sea Oats Motel on Scenic Hwy 98 and enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. What better time to start giving back than on the holiday where we remember and honor those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms?

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