What's in your glass at the Sea Oats Motel?

Perfect Wines For Special Times In Destin

There is nothing quite like enjoying a fine glass of wine while enjoying the sunset on your private balcony here at The Sea Oats Motel!

Wine lovers around the world agree finding the perfect wine is in itself an experience. Sharing a bottle of wine and a sunset makes for a romantic memorable experience.

There are those who love a crisp, tart Chardonnay and those that love a mellow, woody Merlot.

The Pinot Grigio, Shiraz and Pinot Noir lovers fall somewhere in between.

Do you love a sweet fruity tasting wine?  Perhaps a dry, warm red wine?  Do you fully enjoy a glass of wine to its awesome potential?

You don’t have to hire a sommelier to enjoy a perfect wine for you. ¬†You can be your own sommelier. ¬†Your vacation in Destin is the perfect time to learn.

First, ask yourself what is your wine personality?  Are you a wine lover who loves to associate and assign a specific place to your wine?  Maybe you should try a Chilean Malbec, a rich red wine with a hint of fruit, not enough to be fruity or too dry.

Do you like a sweet wine, served cold?  Perhaps you should try a Muscato.  Serve with fruit, cheese and crackers for a taste delight.  These also go well with dessert.  There are a full range of Muscato made with peach, orange blossoms and nectarines to try for under $20. Be sure to sample one of these.

Perfection is sure to be found here in Destin.  Explore and find your perfect wine for special times here.  

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 photo credit: Laurensea via photopin cc