Are You Ready To Relax?

So here you are in Destin. We’re happy to see you!

Whether your trip here was a spur of the moment decision to escape or a planned event that you’ve planned and saved for all year, we’re glad that you made it safely. Now that you’re on vacation, we believe it’s time you really enjoy yourself.

We never know what someone is going through, what they’ve left behind unless they share it with us. Sometimes they remain quiet, others are just so relieved to be here you can’t help but strike up a conversation.

We know a lot of our guests have been through a tough winter fighting snow and ice. Some people have been dealing with family problems, health or legal issues or other difficulties┬áthat has just worn on them. You’re here now, take a break and recharge your batteries. You’ve earned it.

If there’s ever anything we can do for you to help make your trip better then feel free to ask. Just like everybody else we do have some limits and rules on what can be done, but if we can do it, we’ll do our best to make it happen for you.

A lot of our guests come here year after year. They’re like family and we take care of our family!

We are the last of our kind. We think you’ll like our beachfront motel so much that you’ll want to make this your home away from home; your personal escape for when times get tough or you just want to get away and relax.

After all, it’s a lot easier to put things in perspective when you’re able to step right outside your room onto the beach and stroll along┬áthe resplendent shoreline. There’s something about the magnificent horizon here that just soothes the soul.

You’ll love it here at Sea Oats. Our location on Scenic Hwy 98 is close enough to the attractions for the ultimate convenience but far enough away from the crowds for the peace that you love.

If you’re out exploring Destin and it’s neighboring areas and decide that you like it so much that you want to extend your stay, we can help you do that too. We give you luxurious comfort with affordable rates. Just call us at 833-803-3320