Are You Ready to Travel to Sea Oats Yet?

What’s Your Best Travel Story?

Vacations are fun and often the trip to and from the destination can be fun and interesting as well.

Whether you are driving or flying traveling can be adventurous. What’s your best travel story? Here are a few we have heard.

On a long flight a woman flying alone was assigned a seat between two very heavy older gentlemen. Both men opened up their newspapers at the beginning of the flight and she was covered in their newspapers. This was the start of a long and awkward flight for her as she tactfully requested them to move their newspapers. Even when she got up to go to the restroom when she returned again had to ask them to move their newspapers.

Great Stories Come From Traveling Around

Two women travelled together with their young sons who were at a very mischievous age. They thought it would be funny to play jokes on them. One of them put a pillow to his mouth and made siren noises to which the driver responded by pulling over. She was rattled and surprised there was no police car.

The boys continued their jokes at the hotel, they placed a noisemaker in the toilet that would say “help me, get me out of here” continuously. The two ladies spent quite awhile trying to figure that one out as well. Needless to say this wasn’t the most relaxing trip the two had ever made!

Travel is an adventure. The Sea Oats Motel hopes your travel to and from Destin is filled with laughter and good times.

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photo credit: rocket ship via photopin cc