Rum Runner in Destin, FL

Rum Runner History & Recipe

Here at the beautiful, beachfront Sea Oats Motel in sunny Destin Florida

One of our favorite ways to kick back after a long day on the shore or fishing from the back of a boat, is under the golden sky of the setting sun, enjoying the gulf breezes and a delicious, Florida inspired cocktail, the legendary Rum Runner!

As the story goes, Rum Runners were invented in the late 1950’s at the Holiday Isle Tiki Bar in Islamorada, Florida. Supposedly, the bar had an excess of rum and certain liqueurs that needed to be moved before the arrival of more inventory. A very tasty concoction was developed using the excess alcohol and voila! The Rum Runner!

They named the drink after the real “Rum Runners” that inhabited the Florida Keys in the early days! As with all great recipes, whether food or drink, changes are made as they are passed along. Most recipes are altered by using different amounts of the same ingredients.

Sometimes an ingredient may be substituted or changed and the recipe will remain intact. The rules of the recipe are meant to be altered to suit your individual taste, but you can’t change the main ingredients and still call it a rum runner! The following recipe is a tried and true favorite among rum drinkers! Try a “Rum Runner” at your next get together!

The Rum Runner Recipe!


  • Two cups ice
  • 1 oz pineapple juice
  • 1 oz orange juice
  • 1 oz blackberry liqueur
  • 1 oz banana liqueur1 oz light rum
  • 1 oz dark rum or aged rum
  • Splash grenadine

Optional: one ounce of Bacardi 151 to float on top
Orange slice

To make by the gallon use 24oz of each ingredient

To Mix:

Blended: Fill your blender with the ice. Add all of the liquid ingredients. Blend the contents until smooth. Pour into a Hurricane glass and garnish with an orange slice. Add the 151 floater!


On the Rocks: Fill glass with ice. Add the liquid contents. Pour the 151 in the straw or on the top. This is my favorite way to enjoy the Rum Runner. Enjoy! No Hurricane glass available, no problem. Anything that will hold liquid will work!

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