Challenge yourself in Destin!

Runner’s Delight

If you’re into running then you won’t be alone here!

Every morning we see dozens of people enjoying the breaking of the new day by putting their feet to the ground and getting some exercise.

There’s no better place to enjoy your time running than here on the glorious, white sands of Destin’s beaches. If you want to waste as little time getting onto the sand then you’re in luck at Sea Oats! Our rooms are just steps away from the beaches that everyone has come to cherish and adore.

Try running on the beach, there are several benefits to it but remember that not all sand is great for running, especially if you are new to the experience.

Shoes versus barefoot. Soft sand versus hard. Each has their own benefits.

For instance, running barefoot will strengthen your ankles and feet by allowing a greater range of motion but you may be at greater risk of plantar fasciitis or another injury by not having the protection of shoes. Running shoes may protect your feet from any debris that could be found on the beach such as broken sea shells or trash someone may have left behind.

While softer sand may cushion the impact of running and in general give you a greater workout by having you exert more energy it may reduce your mobility due to it all not being level whereas the sand closer to the water is more packed in creating more of a trail like surface for you to enjoy.

No matter what you choose to do, just make sure to be smart about it. Ease into the routine, start with 15 to 20 minute excursions so your body can get acclimated to the changes and strengthen the muscles that may not be used to the change in landscape.

Other tips include making sure to stay hydrated, stay protected from the sun and its reflection off the water by wearing sunscreen and glasses or a visor. If you’re out there working out, you might as well protect all of yourself.

While you’re out there bettering yourself and making sure your body is protected, Sea Oats can make sure your wallet stays protected by offering fantastic rates on amazing units!

The true beauty of beach running rests with knowing that you can make it as challenging as you want by just changing where you’re running, all with the most spectacular view. Follow these few tips and you can turn the beach into an even more enjoyable place.

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