Sailaway in Destin, Florida

Sail Into The Sunset

Anyone who has been to Destin knows that you’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful sunset anywhere else.

It’s so stunningly beautiful that we’ve heard some people say to themselves “I wish there was a way to be closer to it”.

A typical dayWell you know what? There is. Get on the water and see it. It gives you a new perspective on it and if you thought it was beautiful before, you haven’t experienced anything yet!

Being out on the water, especially sailing will give you absolute peace and tranquility. Destin isn’t known just for it’s beautiful beaches but also for the immaculate ocean that surrounds it. The waters vary in colors like dark emerald green to light green. You’ll be able to see the abundance of sea life while cruising across the sea.

“Sail Away”, located directly behind Marina Cafe, is a locally owned company right here in Destin. They own and operate a thirty foot charter that sails across the Choctawhatchee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The Captain’s name is Bryan Klein. He’s a friendly, popular figure in Destin who holds over fifteen years of experience out on the water. If there’s anybody you’d want to take you out on the water for memories to last forever, it’s going to be this man! He grew up in Destin and his passion for the sea will make it an unforgettable adventure.

The charter itself can hold up to six passengers at once with a fee of $100 per hour which is extremely affordable. It may seem steep at first and give you sticker shock but you most likely won’t be alone on this trip and if you have a full party with everyone chipping in it amounts to about $16.50 each. That’s a marvelous deal!

Dolphins in Destin, FLAs far as some more fun activities to partake on while sailing, the decision is absolutely yours. You, your family and companions can choose what sort of trip is generally more exciting for you. Most like to do free cruising, covering however much water as could be expected as you investigate the little piece of heaven called Destin. Dolphin viewing is one of the most popular interests. The Captain finds himself able to get the boat inside arm’s span of the lively dolphin quite frequently so you can understand why this is so popular!

Snorkeling is an alternate for most loved pastime and he has a few areas to browse including the rough breakwaters close to the East Pass and additionally the Gulf Island National Seashore. Some like to gather shells in the shallow water or sand dollars out in the Gulf. Covers, snorkels, blades, nets and basins are all given at no additional expense. The fishermen among you may appreciate doing some light handle trolling which is carried out on a catch and release premise. The Captain is actually ready to impart some starting lessons on cruising and has let visitors explore the vessel. His experience will allow him to address any questions and concerns you may have.

Sea Oats Motel and Management Co. has also been serving the coast for twenty years.

Call us at 833-803-3320 and let us set up the perfect beach reservation for you and your family.

Come down and sail the gorgeous green waters of Destin this year.