Say Yes to Destin

What more could you ask for than a beautiful sunny vacation in Destin?

The Sea Oats Motel offers you luxury condominiums, hotel rooms and beach houses fully equipped with everything you could ask for to make your vacation comfortable and enjoyable.

Don’t you love a beautiful sunny afternoon to kick back and hang out at the beach? What could be better than lounging under a rental umbrella chair with a cooler full of cold drinks and snacks?

Enjoy strolling on the beach picking up seashells, riding the waves or lounging around the pool.

If you have kids they can play in the water for hours, which not only gives them something to do but it allows them to exercise while they are having fun. They are also getting fresh air and sunshine which are both beneficial for their health as well!

Don’t forget to go crab hunting right after sunset! You can see all the white sand crabs coming out of their holes and you can actually catch them! Have a contest to see which sibling can catch the most! All you need is a bucket and a flash light for hours of fun!

Because our units are beachfront, parents can sit back, relax and enjoy a cocktail while giggling at their little ones chasing the crabs right in front of them! Sounds great, right?

Well what are you waiting for? Book your end of summer vacation blow-out with Sea Oats Motel now! Come enjoy one last week of fun before returning to school and the upcoming fall and winter!

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