Sea Oats Motel is Beachfront in Destin

Relax at The Sea Oats Motel

The clear blue skies and sunny days on the beautiful white sandy beaches with the glistening Gulf of Mexico waters in the background is as therapeutic and nurturing as any counseling session! Maybe all you really need is a nice vacation at the beach.

Perhaps a nice getaway from your routine will change your outlook.

Relaxing in a beachfront unit with your own private balcony may be just what the Doctor ordered! There is something so amazingly therapeutic about the beautiful weather here in Destin!

How Many Problems Have Been Solved by Walking Barefoot on the Beach?

Calm relaxation under the clear blue sky feels so good to the troubled soul.
Who hasn’t walked the beach for hours just listening to music or talking to a friend and solving world troubles? There’s nothing quite like just walking in the sand to free your mind.

Somehow the water has a calming effect on us. We can experience peace just by sitting near the water. The breeze off of the Gulf of Mexico offers a pleasant atmosphere for meditating. Some even practice Yoga at the beach; they find the sand and sea a perfect studio.

Isn’t it time you packed your troubles away and come experience a truly relaxing vacation at The Sea Oats Motel?

The Sea Oats Motel is conveniently located on Scenic Hwy 98 in Destin, just steps from the most gorgeous beaches in the world.

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