Sea Oats, More Than A Name

Sea Oats is not just the name of our company. It is a passion in our community.

Sea Oats are an important part of our ecology here in Destin and are protected at all costs. They are responsible for the creation of the sand dunes that protect our shores.

Dunes get larger by trapping more sand, which then grows more plants to anchor the sand. Sea oats stabilize existing sand dunes, and the dunes in turn provide a barrier from storm surges to ocean property.

For this reason sea oats are protected by local, state and federal laws to prevent people from taking some of them as souvenirs.

Sea oats have a striking appearance growing and swaying in the slightest breeze and are very tempting for someone to take some home for their private gardens.

Just remember that removing these plants or interfering with the natural state of the dunes is against the law.

Some nurseries supply sea oat plants to local, state and federal government agencies for dune restoration after hurricanes; the nurseries are allowed to sell them to the public as well.

To grow sea oats in the home garden requires only average water and soil in full to partial sun, but do not allow the ground to dry out completely between watering.

The plumes can reach a height of 4 to 6 feet. There are some other grasses quite similar and used as a substitute for sea oats in the home garden. These plants are known as northern sea oats, aka river oats, spangle grass, Indian wood oats, broad leaf spike grass and inland sea oats.

Sea Oats Motel hopes you can make it to Destin for your next vacation and see why we chose these beautiful waves of grain as our name. Watching them sway in the wind is sure to bring you some tranquility and remind you that nature is not only beautiful but functional.

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