Seeing Seaside

Destin is in close proximity to Seaside, Florida which is known for the scenic highway 30A.

The highway was named one of the favored few ‘Florida’s Scenic Highways” due to the beautifully natural cleanliness and atmosphere.

Once you make your way about halfway down 30A you will reach your destination at Seaside. It’s a small coastal town with a funky, artsy vibe. Seaside sits on a gorgeous crystal clean gulfline with perfectly white sand. It’s simply stunning and you’ll love it there.

Sea Oats is pleased to have the opportunity to share some awesome ideas for you and your family to enjoy while you are staying with us in Destin at our beachside accommodations.

The airstream food trucks haven’t always been in Seaside. In fact they’re a relatively new addition but they have become a huge hit and a talk around the town. The food trucks give the small town that wholesome, family oriented feel. The kids will love most of the food here, especially the grilled cheeses!

The food trucks are just steps away from the beach and offer retro modern styled seating. It will bring you back to a simpler time in life. There are a few different varieties of food to try so you will have to delight yourself and try them all.

The most talked about truck amongst the locals is the “The Meltdown on 30A”. The name says it all. This food truck cooks up some of the best grilled cheese you will ever have the pleasure of putting in your face. They offer gourmet grilled cheese and wonderful additions, like bacon and jalapenos.

BarefootBBQAnother “can’t miss” choice to check out is the “Barefoot BBQ”. The name is catchy and ties perfectly into the idea of walking your delicious BBQ sandwich down to the beach and having a picnic under the sun. Everybody, locals and tourists alike love this food truck because of the unique smoky flavor the BBQ offers. On top of some tasty sauces this food truck uses meat without antibiotics, hormones and added preservatives so all of you can feel good about your indulgence!

WildBillsBeachDogsIn you’re more in the mood for something a little more classic then grab a hotdog at “Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs”. This food truck cooks up antibiotic, hormone and nitrate free hot dogs which can be served with all your favorite delicious toppings. You’ll enjoy the vintage feel the airstream trucks have to offer and the kids will especially love the colorful decorations and bicycle rentals very close by.

Sea Oats Motel and Management Co. offers a wide variety of beachfront accommodations. We have condos, beach homes and even a motel located directly on the beautiful beaches of Destin.

Let our staff help you create a customized vacation package for you. Whether you have an extremely large family or just a romantic couples getaway, we have a room for every circumstance.

Sea Oats takes a tremendous amount of pride in providing excellent service. We go out of our way to treat our guests like family.

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Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of SoWal.com