Take To The Air

Here at Sea Oats, the weather is starting to warm up so we’re starting to see a few more people come into town.

It’s not spring or summer yet so now is still a great time to come down to lovely Destin, Florida and enjoy the natural splendor of the area and everything this amazing weather has to offer.

If you come now, you can still beat the crowds!

Don’t get us wrong, this place is still an absolute blast when the season is in full swing, but it’s a different vibe than what it is now.

Right now Destin has more of a peaceful vibe. A lot of our guests currently like quieter times with more intimate moments which is a contrast to the high energy scene that takes over during the warmer seasons.

Take advantage of the quieter times and smaller crowds by doing things that you might not do once the real estate is shared by more people.

An idea that has really been taking off as of the past few years is kite flying. This is actually a really fun way to spend an afternoon. You can’t necessarily do it every day because the wind really plays a huge factor in it. Ideally, you want wind speeds of around 5-25mph for optimal kite flight.

You can try and make the most of what wind speeds you’re facing by choosing what kind of kite you want to fly. For those days where the wind is blowing a little heavier you might want to try a Box kite or even a Parafoil kite. If the wind is a little easier that day you may be better served in using a Delta, Diamond or Dragon kite.

Another huge factor to take into consideration for this adventure is location. You need to take certain “what-ifs” into account. That’s why you want to choose an area that is clear and wide open. Make sure to stay away from airports, utility lines, busy roads and buildings. In fact, the beach is often ideal. Just make sure you are mindful of any spectators in case things don’t follow the best case scenario. Also, remember Ben Franklin? Learn from him and don’t fly your kite in lightning. Bad things may happen.

Once you find your spot and your kite of choice, make sure it’s assembled properly. A tail on it isn’t required but it can help it fly better. Stand with your back to the wind as you are starting and you’ll have an easier time getting going.

It takes a little bit of practice but soon you’ll have your kite dancing in the air, flowing with the breeze and you’ll be surprised at how much fun something so simple can be. Luckily for you, your room here at Sea Oats is located just steps away from the beach so you can jump out at any time and get a little practice time in.

Sea Oats is the last of its kind beachfront motel. Located on Scenic Hwy 98 we are just moments away from any kind of activity you could want to do while you’re visiting.

Feel free to call us with any questions or to book your stay at 833-803-3320!



photo credit: regan76 via photopin cc