Tasty Snacks for the Beach

A picnic on the beach can be fun filled and an enjoyable event for the whole family.

You can enjoy an afternoon of splashing and snacking with little preparation.

Sun and fun can create thirst, make sure to pack plenty of ice in the cooler. Add bottles of water or lightly sweetened juices. Avoid excesses of highly sweetened juices or alcoholic beverages. As the day wears on you will stay refreshed and well hydrated this way!

Fresh is best. Pack plump, juicy grapes, slices of oranges, apples for taste, nutrition and easy cleanup!

Kids especially love easy to eat finger foods. Pack some salty pretzels, raw veggies and dip. If you choose a dip such as hummus, even better, you will be enjoying flavor and a little extra nourishment.

Delicious cheese in bite size portions makes for a great accompaniment to fruit and pretzels. Cheese comes in so many varieties there is something sure to please the most pickiest of eaters. Try sharp cheddar or a mild goat cheese, or smoked gouda!

Introduce your family to lots of flavor and variety and keep it simple at the same time. Shop one of our area deli’s for tasty meats and cheeses. Publix and Winn-Dixie have plenty of fresh produce.

Make sure to pack the sunscreen. Even when the weather is a little cooler the sun can still come through strong at times.

The Sea Oats Motel welcomes you and your family to our home, enjoy your picnic at the beach.

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