Time For A Road Trip?

One of the best parts about traveling is seeing and experiencing new things.

Traveling can be fun and educational. When we get outside of our comfort zone and our usual surroundings and travel to new areas we can see how others live. We can see their attitudes on life as well as learn about all the differences in culture such as music, cuisine, celebrations and what is held dear to those people.

ale-h2It become quite the adventure when we immerse ourselves in the experience and see an area through the eyes of the locals.

Even though gas prices have fluctuated and aren’t what they used to be, travelling is still an amazing way to show and teach your children about the world.

Involve your children in planning the vacation to The Sea Oats Motel in Destin.

Teach your children to pack for themselves. Help them make a list of what they think they will be wanting to wear on the trip, at the beach, out to dinner, etc. Have them pick out and pack games, books, or other items that they enjoy. If something they want to bring is unreasonable, explain why and how bringing it would affect other things.

Involve them in the planning! Show them the map and let them help you route out the trip. Teaching a child to read a map can prove very beneficial for the future, you never know when you might need their navigational skills! Some people don’t travel enough to justify the purchase of a standalone GPS system and too many people rely on the GPS features on their phone and signal is easily lost in the less populated areas of the country.

money-saavy-pigTeach your children about budgeting to save for a vacation and explain the ins and outs of vacation expenses and allowances. This can save you a lot of breath in repeatedly having to say no to some things as they will have a better understanding of how much everything will cost and how much you have to spend.

Enjoy the trip as well as the destination. Often, quality time can be spent in the drive to and from your destination as well as when you arrive.

Make travelling fun for everyone. Safe travels and we hope to see you soon here at The Sea Oats Motel. Call us today for more information on rates and availability at 833-803-3320.