What Type of Beach Moments are You Looking For?

Magical Beach Moments in Destin?

No matter how many time you have been to the beach you have to admit there is a bit of magic here. Have you ever seen a baby stick their toes in the water for the very first time as they take in the vastness of the Gulf of Mexico? There is just something magical about the beach!

Have you ever watched children looking for seashells and their amazement when they find beautiful shells? Their eyes light up in wonder and the questions start flowing, “where did these come from?” “how big is the ocean?” Seeing the beach and the Gulf of Mexico waters through the eyes of a child is truly magical!

Weddings held on the beach are also magical

There is an extra special touch of having the ocean in the background with the waves coming in and going out. The bride standing barefoot in the sand in a flowing white gown against the backdrop of the beach is a beautiful sight.

Catching your first fish while trolling the beach coves is magical. How amazing to be able to enjoy the adventure of anticipating and waiting for the catch and the experience of cleaning and eating it. Seeing this adventure through the eyes of a child is even more magical.

Magical moments make for lasting memories. There are plenty to be had here at The Sea Oats Motel in Destin. Pack your family up and head down to Destin to experience the magic of the beach!

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