Underwater Exploration

SCUBA diving in Destin is an absolutely captivating experience!

The deep waters of Destin, Florida attract a wide variety of marine wildlife to our shores. There is no better way to observe the life beneath the waves than up close and personal with a mask, flippers and some oxygen on your back. SCUBA diving in Destin is a spectacular thing to do and you’ll love yourself for trying it out if you haven’t already.

Destin has artificial reefs from wrecked ships and also has a limestone shelf that drops down 90 feet. The shipwrecks on the Gulf floor create the artificial reefs. Barnacles, corals and oysters accumulate and algae begins to form which is what draws the marine life to the newly formed reef. The ideal conditions of Destin’s location creates a utopia that brings some of the most unusual and most beautiful marine life from the Gulf of Mexico.

Scuba Dive in Destin, FLA number of highly qualified SCUBA guides and instructors offer lessons from beginner to professional diver.

There are several levels of training offered and the dives vary from 30 to 85 feet beneath the surface depending on the experience of the divers. If you are already certified there are charters available for more experienced divers as well.

The marine wildlife is nothing short of stunning. You will find everything from sea urchins to extremely bright and colorful crustaceans. Destin has a number of game fish from small tropical fish to our larger game fish like Cobia and Blue Marlins. The sea mammals like dolphins and manatees love it here in Destin and we’re glad to have them!

Sea Oats Motel is just a few short miles down the beach from the SCUBA launching sites and classes here in Destin. We offer a home away from home environment with all of the amenities you will need while on vacation at the beach. Come visit us and get certified to SCUBA during your vacation.

What better way to leave your vacation than as a Certified SCUBA Diver with certificate in hand for your future diving expeditions? It’ll make for a great story back home as well when people ask about your vacation.

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