Vacation in Destin at Sea Oats Motel

A Lazy Day in Destin

What kind of a day is the most enjoyable here in Destin at The Sea Oats Motel? We think everyday in Destin is a fun day whether you are lounging by the pool or hanging around at the beach.

How about a relaxing bike ride on the trails of Henderson State Park?
enjoy taking a bike trip for a day. There are bike rentals close by so why not enjoy exploring on a bike.

Try one of the bike trails at our area State Parks such as Henderson State Park and the TopSail Village Preservation State Park. Be sure to pack your sunscreen and plenty of water for drinking along the way.

Staying at Sea Oats Motel

After you return from your day of exploration and exercise how about unwinding in the Jacuzzi? Your muscles are surely tired and need to soak in the hot bubbly water for a bit before taking a nap. How wonderful that nap will feel as you stretch out for a break before dinner at one of our fabulous area restaurants.

Where will you be eating dinner tonight is the biggest decision facing you today. Will you be enjoying fresh Red Snapper or Grouper, Prime Rib medium rare au jus, or Filet Mignon? Decisions, decisions.

Oh, and don’t forget the wine, will it be a lovely Cabernet or a lighter Pinot Grigio? That will depend on your dinner and let’s hope both you and your spouse are in agreement so you don’t have to order more than one bottle, how awful that might be, right? (wink)

The Sea Oats Motel is here for you and we can help you with those huge decisions.
Call today for more information or to make reservations at 833-803-3320