Vacation Time is Family Time in Destin

Family dynamics are interesting and vacations bring out the worst and the best in us when we spend more time together as a family than we are used to.

Is there a Debbie Downer in your family? One who is not happy, no matter what you are doing or where you are going?  The one who wants only to hang out with friends, minus the family, complains about this, that and the other and just in general is a pain to deal with?

The Sea Oats Motel in Destin loves families!

Is there a Controlling Chris among you?  Controlling Chris has to have his way, has to go first whenever taking turns is the only option. Controlling Chris isn’t happy unless he makes the choices of what to do.

What about Whiny Wendy?  Did she come along on this trip? She isn’t going to be happy because someone is always bothering her, picking on her, splashing water in her face, throwing sand on her or just getting in her way. She finds it necessary to throw a hissy fit on a daily basis.

What about Mad Mark?  He hates everyone and everybody, especially his brothers and sisters.  And his parents are so embarrassing!  Mad Mark hates to be even seen with his family anywhere….OMG!  And since he is now 16 he should be the driver every time.

Sounds like a fun bunch to deal with doesn’t it?  Is this your family?  Are you looking forward to or dreading the time together?  Be honest!  

Whatever your family dynamics, remember, respect and courtesy towards one another goes a long way.  A little extra effort and cooperation can make all the difference.

The Sea Oats Motel welcomes families and we are a family oriented establishment.  Have fun.

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