Why So Seriously Beautiful?

It’s no secret that the white beaches and emerald green waters here are seriously beautiful.

But what is it exactly that makes them so incredibly stunning?

The whole reason is the natural filtering process the local waterways go through before reaching the gulf.

Thanks to the Apalachicola Bay, the water coming into the Gulf is crystal clear except for micro-algae that when hit with sunlight reflect a beautiful bright green tint. The Destin shoreline also benefits from this naturally filtered waters. The backdrop of white sandy beaches provides a stunning contrast for the glowing green waves lapping over it.

image484Destin sand is actually comprised mainly of polished quartz particles from the Appalachian Mountains coming into the Apalachicola Bay through streams. The result is a beach that is so immaculately white that it shines in the daylight and sparkles in the moonlight. Not only is it beautiful but another phenomenal benefit to the white sand is that it stays much cooler under the hot sun.

We offer some incredible photo ops from right here on your balcony at Sea Oats Motel. We are the last motel located on the beaches of Old 98 in Destin so we offer unique views from our balconies. From the comfort of your private balcony you can take some breathtaking photographs of the beaches with their emerald green waters, the white sandy beaches and your family enjoying life.

Parasailing in DestinFor an even better photo try para-sailing. Soar above the beaches for optimum view. Para-sailing, wave runners and several other beach activities are available right here at Sea Oats Motel. Come stay with us anytime and find out why they truly call us The Emerald Coast.

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