Wonderful Times

As winter has arrived, it is still beautiful in Destin, FL!

What a wonderful time to be alive here in Destin and at the Sea Oats Motel!

There’s plenty of fun to be had in the area, even before the crowds erupt and the temperatures soar. The Farmer’s Market is going on, lots of new restaurants opening, lots of local events. Everywhere you look there’s something new to do that you never even knew of!

Albeit, a lot of our guests do prefer to lounge on or near the beach which works out well since at Sea Oats, we are just steps away from the impressive shoreline. If the crowds become too much for you or if the sea water is too rough on your eyes or the peepers of your little ones then we do have a heated pool for you to enjoy. If you’ve had enough of the water or decide that you want to venture out and explore, we’re close enough to all of the area’s attractions that you’ll never have to fight too much traffic.

We want you to have fun, not stress out. It is your vacation after all. It’s about being calm and enjoying yourself and our location and staff embraces that to the fullest.

While you’re here, make memories and think outside the box a little. Break your routine and venture outside of your comfort zone a little bit and try something new; our staff and the rest of the locals here will be more than happy to point you in the direction of their favorite pastimes or preferred watering hole.

Comfort, convenience, affordability, recreational and culinary adventures, retail shops galore, we have it all here except the one thing that truly matters: You.

Let’s fix that! Call Sea Oats today to make your dream vacation an imminent reality. We are the last of our kind beachfront motel that prides itself on our service and luxuries and we offer it all at a price that will keep you in the vacationing spirit! Come see for yourself while we’ve been around for so long! 833-803-3320