World Famous Beaches of Destin!

You could search the world over for a more beautiful spot than the beaches of Destin but will you find it without having to travel all over the world?

Destin is fortunate! Our beaches are known the world over for their beauty.

The white sand has been compared to sugar its so fluffy and white!

Sure, you could travel all over the world and spend a boat load of your hard earned money or you can come here.

We are the last of its kind beachfront motel here at The Sea Oats.  We know that might sound redundant but we are just steps from the beach!

Our rates are reasonable for the value you get here. Our units, condos and beach houses are fully equipped and decorated with the cozy comfort and ambiance of the beach.

We want our guests to experience the tropical atmosphere. We have attempted to furnish our units with the ambience of a cozy beach house that is beautiful and comfortable.

Our guests return again and again to enjoy the comforts of The Sea Oats Motel.  

The laid back atmosphere is welcoming.  Spend hours at the beach or by the pool.

Enjoy all that Destin has to offer.  There’s not much that you won’t find here. Restaurants that serve the finest fresh seafood and fish are at your fingertips.

Try something new and different.  Get out of your rut!  Expand your horizons.

Do all of that and more here in Destin. We certainly think you will enjoy all we have to offer and want to come back.

Make your plans today. Check out our summer and fall rates. You may find you want to make a trip here in the fall.  You may find a month here to be a welcome diversion from your normal routine.

Take that first step! Make the phone call today at 833-803-3320.

You won’t be sorry.