Wyland Wall In Destin, FL

Wyland Art Gallery In Destin

Sea Oats Motel and Management Co. is proud to introduce Destin’s newest art gallery.

World famous marine life artist Wyland has been painting life-size whales on the sides of buildings since the 1980s. Today, the Wyland name has become synonymous with awareness of environmental conservation.

Through his unique marine life paintings, sculptures, and photography, Wyland has inspired a generation about the importance of marine life conservation.

Wyland got his start in Laguna Beach California 35 years ago and now has galleries across the United States from Hawaii to Florida. He is probably best known for his Whaling Walls. These giant works of art are marine life painted on walls across the world. His 100th whaling wall was a one mile stretch of the Great Wall of China.

His 88th wall was right here in Destin Florida called “Marine Life of the Gulf” painted on the side of Legendary Marine. This Wyland mural is 1,488-foot-long, and 60-foot high. Wyland’s intention is to raise awareness for marine life in the Gulf of Mexico.

Wyland has opened a new location in Destin at the Shoppes of Sandestin. His galleries are a definate must see next time you come down to Destin.

Sea Oats Motel and Management Co. is proud to support Wyland and his renowned conservation efforts. Conservation of our dunes and marine life is extremely important to the people of Destin. We invite you to come stay with us at Sea Oats Motel or any of our other rental properties in Destin.

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